Istanbul Eats Kitchen is coming.

Last year, we declared Salisbury food truck Istanbul Eats to be the makers of Brisbane’s best Halal Snack Pack, that infamous box of chips topped with cheese, kebab meat, and a “holy trinity” of garlic, chilli and barbecue sauces.

Since then, they’ve taken their “big red lady” on the road, and have spread the HSP craze all over Brisbane.

Now Istanbul Eats owners Frank and Rose Aplak are taking their business to the next level by opening a new permanent venue, Istanbul Eats Kitchen.

The location of Istanbul Eats Kitchen is still a closely guarded secret at this stage, but we can confirm it will be very close to the truck’s current home in Salisbury, and we can tell you a little about the new venue and the new menu.

“We’re taking on board a Turkish continental chef that will be taking our food to a whole new level,” Rose says.

“We’re focusing on bringing more grilled foods, lots of fresh vegetarian and vegan dishes with a range of salads, gourmet sandwiches and desserts made in-house, all through the influences of Istanbul street food. We’ll also be the first kitchen in Brisbane doing a traditional Turkish breakfast on the weekends.”

They might just become your new favourite coffee shop, too, as Rose says they’ll be bringing a specialist barista on board.

Customers who are used to the neon-drenched look of the Istanbul Eats food truck might be surprised when they set foot inside Istanbul Eats Kitchen, which has a more “rustic” feel.

“There’ll be a range of inside and outside seating with a ‘rustic meets funky’ feel,” Rose says.

“We wanted to make it a more casual, relaxed dining space.”

But the best part about the new venue, according to Rose, will be the live entertainment.

“Many of the customers love the music we play at the caravan,” she says, ” so we’re going to bring it to them live!”

If you’re worried the establishment of a permanent venue means Istanbul Eats won’t be showing up in your suburb anymore, rest easy.

“The big red lady will still continue to roam the streets of Brisbane and attend events,” Rose says.

“We’re in the process of trying to find some new locations for her up north, and possibly far down south.”

Istanbul Eats Kitchen is expected to open in August. Stay tuned to Bmag for updates!