The cornerstone of any nutritious breakfast.

Ben & Jerry’s have turned the nostalgic feeling of watching Saturday morning cartoons into three new ice cream flavours.

The Cereal Splashback flavours have been inspired by those sugary breakfast cereals that your parents probably shouldn’t have let you eat, in retrospect, but hey, it was better than not eating at all.

There’s Fruit Loot, based on Froot Loops, which is cereal milk ice cream with a crisp fruity cereal swirl.

Cereal Splashback

There’s Frozen Flakes, based on Frosted Flakes, which is also cereal milk ice cream, but with crisp cereal swirls.

Cereal Splashback

And there’s Cocoa Loco, based on Cocoa Puffs, which is chocolate-cereal ice cream trimmed with crisp chocolate cereal swirls.

Cereal Splashback

“So why combine ice cream and cereal? Because the sweet milk at the bottom of a cereal bowl is arguably the best part,” says Ben & Jerry’s resident ‘flavour guru’, Eric Fredette.

“We wanted to take our flavour concepts and make people feel like a kid again, which is how we landed with our Cereal Splashback flavours. There’s a flavour for every fan that will help bring them back to the prize-at-the-bottom-of-the-box days, watching Saturday morning cartoons in pajamas.”

For now, the Cereal Splashback flavours will only be available at Scoop Shops in the US (to tie in with National Cereal Day today).

But don’t despair — Ben & Jerry’s says that the Cereal Splashback flavours will be available this September in Australia, as well as New Zealand and Singapore.

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