Barbecue Mafia, Brisbane’s low ‘n’ slow American-style barbecue team, have announced their second Smokehouse Saturdays pop-up event.

After a recent tour of the US, the Barbecue Mafia boys are keen to try out the authentic smoking secrets they’ve gleaned from BBQ royalty in Austin, Dallas and Kansas City.

The second Smokehouse Saturdays pop-up event will feature the Smokehouse Platter, which includes slices of smoked beef brisket, sweet pecan-fed pork shoulder, jalapeño and Cheddar hotlink sausage, and tender slices of smoked turkey breast, served with generous sides.

They’ll be smoking on two pits, both built in Brisbane by Radar Hill Smokers — the infamous Bone Collector, and a secondary trailer pit smoker dubbed The Don, which will help cater to the overwhelming demand they experienced at their last event.

All meat that crosses the Mafia’s path is smoked over low heat using 30-year-old seasoned Queensland Iron Bark and pecan wood for up to 12 hours on the two reverse offset smokers, using local produce from Meat At Billy’s in Ashgrove.

This time around, they’ll be taking pre-orders via EventBrite to ensure real barbecue enthusiasts don’t miss out. Take-away will also be available for those that just want to drop in and collect some BBQ goodness on the night.

Smokehouse Saturdays will be held at Barbecue Mafia Headquarters (265 Hawthorne Road, Hawthorne, next to the Hawthorne Cinemas) this Saturday 19 November. They’ll start cooking at 6pm and won’t stop until they sell out.