It’s here. Ze Qickle — the Ze Pickle food truck — is launching this weekend with hundreds of free burgers.

The Ze Qickle food truck — once a Mexican Fed Ex van, now dedicated to slinging delicious burgers — will launch this weekend on the Gold Coast. Sunday 6 November at Burleigh Hill on the Gold Coast from 3pm.

To celebrate the launch, they’ll be giving away hundreds of their signature Chee-ze burgers, as well as their house-made bubble gum lemonade, for free!

Ze Pickle have set the gold standard for burgers since they opened their first store on the Gold Coast four years ago. More recently, they’ve opened in Fortitude Valley and even in Surry Hills. Now, with Ze Qickle food truck — which we first told you about back in May — they’ll be spreading the love far and wide.

Ze Qickle

Image: Supplied

Owner Aaron Wilson says the Ze Qickle food truck is just the start of something big, as hole-in-the-wall Ze Qickle outlets are set to start opening up around the country.

The Ze Qickle outlets will sell “real smashable, on-the-run versions” of Ze Pickle’s notoriously epic burgers, and will rotate through a different menu every month.

You can expect to see plenty of these hole-in-the-wall Ze Qickles opening soon — and they could be as ubiquitous as Doughnut Time before you know it (although you’ll still need to hit up a Ze Pickle restaurant for the full Ze Pickle experience).

The Ze Qickle food truck will launch this Sunday 6 November at Burleigh Hill on the Gold Coast from 3pm.

If you can’t make it to Burleigh for the launch this weekend, no worries — the Ze Qickle truck will be making its Brisbane debut at Green Beacon Brewing (26 Helen Street, Teneriffe) next Friday 11 November.