Just in time for Oktoberfest, a new Bavarian café has opened in Brisbane.

Hofer & Frei’s mission statement is pretty straightforward — they aim to serve Hofer (schnitzel) and Frei (espresso) while minimising calorie intake and maximising nutritional value.

“Being a hybrid between a schnitzel restaurant and an espresso bar has allowed us to deliver on our passion for amazing coffee,” says owners Ricardo Basetti and Matthew Medcraf.

“We believe that every amazing meal should be accompanied by an amazing coffee and there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to find it all in the one place.”

Hofer & Frei

At Hofer & Frei, you’ll be able to find schnitzel in burgers, in wraps, or on its own, coupled with delicious salads, shakes and sides.

Basetti and Medcraf believe their new café is filling a gap in the schnitzel market.

Hofer & Frei

“Typically one is either able to get an underwhelming $10 schnitzel made from ordinary ingredients providing no nutritional value whatsoever, or a really amazing piece of schnitzel for $40+ at a Bavarian restaurant, and there is no in-between,” they say.

“We are closing the gap by providing a great quality and nutritional meal for around the $15 mark.”

Hofer & Frei

Hofer & Frei is located at Shop 5, Level 2, 480 Queen Street, Brisbane City, and is open from 7am to 3pm, Monday to Friday.