MasterChef star Matt Sinclair will open his heavily anticipated new food business, Ten Piece Cutlery, at Eat Street Markets tonight.

The talented 27-year-old was the runner-up on this past season of MasterChef, pipped at the post by dark horse Elena Duggan and an absurd 91-step dessert.

Matt won plenty of admirers during his time on the show, however, and if you tuned into pretty much any episode of MasterChef this year, you probably heard him talk about his desire to open a food truck.

Now Matt is living his ‘food dream’, as he prepares to open Ten Piece Cutlery at Eat Street Markets tonight (Friday 2 September) with his business partner Michael Rickard.

Ten Piece Cutlery

Image: Michael Rickard & Matt Sinclair. Photo credit: Eat Street Markets

Ten Piece Cutlery won’t actually be a food truck, though — at least, not at first. Instead, it’s opening inside one of the Hamilton market’s signature shipping containers.

But Matt’s vision of opening a South East Asian-style street food business is intact, as Ten Piece Cutlery will specialise in restaurant-quality food that you can pick up and eat with your hands.

Ten Piece Cutlery

Image: Coconut poached prawns, sesame aioli and kim chi on a crusty Vietnamese baguette. Photo credit: Ten Piece Cutlery

That’s the inspiration behind the name, Ten Piece Cutlery — Matt and Michael have been around the world, and they’ve found that some of the best food on the planet doesn’t require a knife and fork.

This isn’t a one-off promo, either — Sinclair and Rickard are setting up shop at Eat Street Markets for the foreseeable future. But if you decide to wait for the crowds to die down to try it out, you could be waiting for a long time.

Matt Sinclair and Michael Rickard’s Ten Piece Cutlery will be at Eat Street Markets (99 MacArthur Ave, Hamilton) this Friday 2 September (4pm to 10pm), Saturday 3 September (4pm to 10pm) and Sunday 4 September (11am to 3pm), and every weekend after that!