Geordie Smith, the former owner and head chef of cult New Farm café Little Larder, is set to open a new bar in the Petrie Terrace precinct.

While co-owner Bernard Puz will take charge of the venue’s intricate shopfitting, Geordie Smith will take on the title of Executive Chef at the GreenHill Bar, putting his 20 years’ experience in the industry to good use.

“We want to create a space to showcase unique beverages and quality, interesting bar snacks,” Smith says.

“Our menus and music will change and grow with the crowd to keep each visitor’s experience unique.”

Don’t expect to see your average bar snacks at GreenHill. Instead, Smith will be serving up plates of twice cooked lamb ribs with a potato emulsion and balsamic reduction; baked brie with orange, sage and cranberry molasses; and charred corn on the cob with a crispy pork crumb and spicy buttermilk remoulade.

In an interesting move, the menu is expected to grow and adapt around the venue’s fortnightly playlist, which local musician and songwriter Luke Peacock will tailor to the space and its diners.

GreenHill’s beverage list also looks promising, with plans to feature moonshine prominently. Along with the prerequisite craft beers, the drinks list will also feature a selection of independent wines and spirits.

With a particular emphasis on young and emerging producers, the wine list is expected to feature 13 different drops, rotating seasonally and in coordination with changes to the food menu. Brands like First Drop will feature, along with a smattering of French and Italian imports.

The décor will lean towards the industrial, in keeping with the urban vibe of Petrie Terrace; warm tones will mingle with exposed brick and polished concrete.

GreenHill Bar is expected to open Tuesday 30 August at 48 Petrie Terrace, Petrie Terrace.

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