If you’re not a fan of the Ekka or its hefty prices, Tom’s Confectionery Warehouse has you covered for show bags.

The man behind the warehouse, Thomas Jeanes started creating his own ‘Ekka’ style show bags over ten years ago, after hearing many complaints about Ekka prices and crowds.

From chocolate to chips, lollies and liquorice bags, Tom’s show bags have become a fan favourite over the years – and it’s no wonder why.

We had Tom take us through some of the show bags on offer this year!

Chocolate Bags

If you’re a chocolate lover or a bit of an addict, Tom’s Confectionery Warehouse has a range of chocolate show bags perfect for you.

If Cadbury’s your favourite brand of chocolate, check out the Cadbury Bag with a Curly Wurly, three bars, a block of chocolate and a basketball hoop game or the Cadbury Mini Treats bag with a Curly Wurly, three Pick & Mix pieces, one Caramello Koala and a Freddo Frog.

Tom’s also put together his own chocolate show bag with a range of goodies like a salted caramel Whirl KitKat, a choc mint Whirl KitKat, caramel snows from Darryl Lea, a chocolate Aero bar and a chocolate gift box. Yum!!

Kid’s Bags

This year, Tom’s Confectionery Warehouse also has a range of kid’s show bags on offer, with sweets, goodies and toys for little girls and boys.

The kids will absolutely love the Fun Showbag including a bag of fairy floss, a fizzer lolly, a Surprize Cube, a Bueno bar, a candy watch, a Kinnerton choc lollipop and one Swirly lollipop.

There is also The Wonka Bag with a box of Gobstoppers, two packs of Nerds, one Nerds rope, three Allens Milko sticks, one pack of Nestle fruit tingles, one Wonka fabulicious sherbet fizz and a toy.

Don’t forget about Tom’s special confectionery show bag either, with one bag of Starburst lollies, one bag of fruit Skittles, four small Mars Bars, one packet of Big Boss Sticks and one M&Ms Minis Tube.

Mum and Dad bags

Don’t worry mum and dad, there’s also a range of show bags for you!

Dad, you might like the Licorice Showbag with one packet of Darryl Lea liquorice allsorts, one Fyna Metre long licorice, one bag of Fyna milk choc bullets, one bag of Lolliland licorice and one bag of T&L Licorice.

For mum, the Lindt Chocolate Show Bag is the way to go with a red Lindt coffee cup, a Lindt coconut gift box, two Lindt chocolate bars, a Lindt coconut balls gift bag and two Excellence chocolate blocks.

And if you don’t really have a sweet tooth, try the Red Rock Chip Showbag with one bag of sweet chilli and sour cream chips, one bag of honey soy chicken chips, one bag of sea salt chips and one bag of sea salt and balsamic vinegar chips. Delicious!

Tom’s Confectionery Warehouse’s Showbags are out now until mid September. You can buy them online at www.confectionerywarehouse.com.au or in store at 358 Nudgee Road in Hendra.

Just so you know, this is a sponsored post. Regardless, we only recommend services, products and events we believe our readers will appreciate.