Marie Yokoyama and Emi Kamada, the owners of West End’s popular Bird’s Nest restaurant, are bringing their Yakitori mastery to a second location in Fortitude Valley.

The relatively small Fortitude Valley restaurant will seat 52 people, and will offer traditional Japanese Yakitori with a modern beverage menu.

Chef Marie Yokoyama’s culinary skills have already been established in the South Brisbane location, and she’ll be applying her love of Japanese cuisine to her new role as Executive Chef at Bird’s Nest Yakitori Fortitude Valley.

“Following our success with Bird’s Nest Yakitori in West End, we are thrilled to be creating a new dining experience in Fortitude Valley and hope to bring an atmospheric, modern Yakitori restaurant to the community,” Yokoyama says.

Yokoyoma and business partner Emi Kamada’s vision of plating up modern Japanese dishes in a vibrant environment will carry through to the new venue, as will popular menu items that have taken diners in West End by storm.

The duo travelled to Japan to study the art of Yakitori, shadowing trained Yakitori chefs and learning all they could about their age-old cooking methods, before opening Bird’s Nest Restaurant in West End in 2013.

While Yakitori is often used to refer to a Japanese style of skewered chicken, Bird’s Nest has expanded that definition to include a diverse range of skewers. Grilled chicken tenderloins, pork belly with bocconcini and tomato, and shiitake mushroom with ponzo vinegar, are just a small selection of the Yakitori on offer.

Yokoyama and Kamada see the Valley changing from a bar-heavy atmosphere to one where couples and small groups can enjoy an intimate restaurant meal, and they hope to contribute to that environment with a modern menu and an engaging dining experience.

The Fortitude Valley venue is expected to open at Shop 4, 702 Ann Street in August; the opening date has yet to be confirmed.

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