Hail to the king, baby.

The Scratch, Milton’s fantastic craft beer bar, is hosting an Evil Dead-themed art show, featuring all manner of Deadites, boomsticks and protuding chins.

For those of you who were raised in a barn and haven’t come across the Evil Dead series before, it’s a trilogy of cult horror-comedy masterpieces from director Sam Raimi and actor Bruce Campbell, who was born to be a B-movie star.

The trilogy kicked off with the actually-pretty-scary Evil Dead in 1981, got a bit sillier in 1987’s quasi-sequel/remake Evil Dead 2, and culminated in the hilarious time-travel romp, Army of Darkness, in 1992. Along the way, a number of catchphrases were coined (and later stolen by the Duke Nukem video games).

But the franchise wasn’t dead yet. Director Fede Alverez directed a surprisingly excellent remake in 2013. Raimi (who had gone on to direct the original Spider-Man trilogy, among other great films) and Campbell (who had gone on to star in Burn Notice, in between playing small roles in a bunch of Sam Raimi movies) were loosely involved with that remake, but they returned to the franchise in full force late last year, with the brilliant new TV show, Ash vs Evil Dead.

The Scratch’s art show, to be held on Wednesday 13 July, will feature pieces by over 30 blood-soaked disciples of the Necronomicon, spanning the full length of Ash Williams’ horrific and heroic adventures.

They’ll also be pouring the demonically dark Malt Monster 10.5% imperial stout by Brewtal Brewers to help guests stay groovy.

The art show is actually just part of the build-up to this year’s Weekend of Darkness. The grimmest event on the Brisbane beer calendar, the annual festival celebrates a truly dark lineup of beers and brewers.

With 30 different offerings across two days and three nights, beer fans will be delighted by all manner of ales, stouts, porters, imperial monsters, barleywines and barrel aged beasts from all corners of the globe.

There’ll be offerings from Four Hearts Brewing Co, Beard & Brau, Black Hops, Brewtal Brewers, Bridge Rd, Brisbane Brewing Co, Boatrocker, Croft, Feral, Grifter, Green Beacon, Kaiju Beer, La Sirene, Mismatch, Merchant, Modus Operandi, Mornington, Murrays, Nail Brewing, Newstead, Noisy Minor, Wig & Pen and Yulli’s Brews, as well as international treats from Brewdog, Clown Shoes, Founders, Le Trois Mousquetaires, Panhead, Renaissance, Rogue Ales & Spirits and Sierra Nevada.

If you don’t want to turn out like Linda Blair in The Exorcist, you’ll need something to line your stomach, which is why the Shank Brothers BBQ crew will be catering on the weekend.

Dead by Dawn: An Evil Dead Art Show will be held at The Scratch (8/1 Park Road, Milton) from 6:30pm until late on Wednesday 13 July.

The Weekend of Darkness — a celebration of dark beers and dark times — runs from 15-17 July at the same venue. Capacity is limited to 100 patrons at any given time, so the event will be split into four sessions across the weekend. For more info, visit the Facebook event page.

Come get some…