Boundary Street Markets creator David Bostock and The Box Brand (behind Box on James) have joined forces to create The Street Food Depot, bringing a suite of new foodie events and markets to Brisbane.

The newly founded company plans to roll out over 90 food truck depot activations, growers and community markets and street food depots across Australia within the next 12 months, including a couple in Brisbane City.

Their first Brisbane City Street Food Depot is set to kick off on Thursday 28 July in King George Square, followed by the Brisbane Growers and Community Market from 2 to 5 August.

Box Brand and Street Food Depot Founder Jonathan Balkin says the markets will offer a diverse mix of quality street food providers, growers and artisans, and most importantly community stalls to raise awareness with various charity and non-for-profit organisations.

“Our mobile food activations create an amazing opportunity to celebrate and promote the quality and diversity of the community as a whole,” he says.

“All our founders have travelled extensively to study international markets and market destinations – giving us an insight into the diversity in markets and event operations that we are yet to be seen in South East Queensland.”

Jonathan says there’s an exciting mix of vendors lined up.

“We’ll have some of Brisbane’s most well-known and loved traders, and some exciting new cuisines that need to be tasted to be believed,” he says.

“From local to international cuisines — operators in food trucks, vans, pop-up stalls – to some never seen before produce offers in the near future, like Agri and Aquaculture.”

Jonathan says consumers are looking for diversity, ingenuity and all the right ingredients, and the common denominator is a love of great food, world class local produce, multi-cultural diversity and entertainment.

“From ancient Greece to Pompeii, from China to Turkey, street food has a long and colourful history. Today, it has become an urban mainstay in large cities and small towns alike and continues to evolve and tempt the passers by on streets around the world,” he says.

“People want to have an experience just by tasting a dish, smelling the aromas, even if they’re just perched on a milk crate enjoying the vibrancy of a bustling market or event destination.”

From 2 to 5 August, King George Square will then transform into a Growers and Community Market showcasing South East Queensland produce.

Jonathan says people are very interested in the “where, what and how” of the food they eat these days.

“Unfortunately our specialists have been priced out of bricks and mortar retail. These market style events bring the producers to the public in an affordable vibrant format than supermarket shopping,” he says.

“Supporting local produces and giving our families the healthiest, most nutritious and most delicious produce available.”

Brisbane City’s Street Food Depot will be held on Thursday 28 July in King George Square, followed by the Brisbane Growers and Community Market running from Tuesday 2 to Friday 5 August.

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