Prepare to give your other senses a workout at this blind tasting event.

You’ll need to come prepared to taste, touch, smell and hear at this Dining in the Dark event, because sight will be strictly off the table.

Eagle Street Pier’s Pony Dining will host a blind lunch tasting to raise funds for Vision Australia on Saturday 18 June.

Guests will be made to wear eye masks, to ensure they can’t sneak a peek at their meals.

The fundraising event has been organised by Tanya Savva and her seven-year-old daughter, Mackenzie, of The Road Unseen fame.

Mackenzie was born blind, and has received support from Vision Australian throughout her life. Dining in the Dark will allow those who don’t have to deal with the challenges of blindness or low vision to experience just one of Mackenzie’s daily hurdles — dining without sight.

The three-course lunch, with beverages included, will cost $130 per person.

As well as raffle prizes and games, would-be Matt Murdocks will indulge their senses with starters to share including marinated Sicilian olives, charred flat bread, Pony pickles, wood fired chorizo and Chinese pepper squid.

Mains will include roast desiree gnocchi, Tasmanian salmon, free range chicken breast, and John Dee Gold scotch fillet.

Desserts on offer include sticky toffee cake, dark chocolate tart, and a decadent cheese plate.

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