Not sure if you’re a latte lover, macchiato maniac or espresso enthusiast? You’ll be able to explore all your options at Earth & Steam Coffee Co.

Launched by Khemistry, a Brisbane creative marketing and digital agency, Earth & Steam Coffee Co will give coffee connoisseurs a chance to sample a selection of specialty coffees with a tasting board made from the company’s hand roasted beans.

“When creating the brand, we were fascinated by the choice process of selecting coffee styles,” says Khemistry director Ashton Ward.

“Most people have a coffee each morning, but if asked why they drink a latte over a flat white, can’t really articulate why.

“The tasting board gives a coffee drinker the chance to try a blend across a range of styles. What they taste in an espresso or in a cold press will help them to taste their flat white or cappuccino with a new understanding.

“This gives our customers the chance to be a bit adventurous and try new styles, and help to educate locals on the subtle nuances between different beverages.”

Ward says Brisbane’s coffee scene is rapidly growing and competitive, and baristas must find new and exciting ways to serve up the daily grind.

“We take an artisanal approach to our coffee, and as creatives we are constantly looking for new and innovative ways of serving our customers,” he says.

“The main thing I enjoy as a roaster is the ability to vary the flavour of a roast or a blend. I can roast a batch of beans for 10 or 15 seconds longer, and get a vastly different taste.

“I can blend in a fruitier, lighter roast to a darker base roast and add flavour notes that cut through the coffee and add complexity. It is these little things that make a big difference to our customers and keep them coming back for more.

“The most important thing for our baristas is learning how the coffee should taste. Things as subtle as the time of day coffee is ground can make a big difference to the way a coffee pours and tastes.

“It’s really about finding ways to excite and delight our customers, and we are proud to deliver an exciting menu with traditional old fashioned service.”

A fixture at the Gold Coast’s NightQuarter Markets in Helensvale on Friday and Saturday nights, Earth & Steam have opened a second store at Kelvin Grove’s Creative Industries Precinct.

“When looking for a second location to expand our business, we wanted somewhere with high foot traffic that would support our innovative way of serving coffee,” Ward says.

“By being located in the creative industries precinct at Kelvin Grove, we are not only able to supply coffee to busy university students and staff, but we are able to engage with other creative minds.

“We have been able to learn from the creative industry students ways to better our business as well as share tips and tricks about working in a creative field.”

Earth & Steam Coffee Co is open at Kelvin Grove’s Creative Industries Precinct from Monday through to Friday. For more info, visit