Two IT experts have combined their love of technology and healthy food to create one of Brisbane’s fastest growing healthy vending machine companies – and they’re slowly taking over the city!

Co-founded by Daniella Stalling and Mark Woodhead, All Real Food’s vending machines or “self-service cafes” can now be found in hospitals, gyms, corporate firms, train stations and universities throughout Queensland.

Fully stocked with delicious organic meals made with local produce, All Real Food vending machines offer health conscious people a quick meal on the go and all unsold items are donated to local food banks.

Danny and Mark, who worked together in the IT industry prior to establishing the company, came up with the concept during a casual lunch in 2013.

“Mark had just left his job and we decided to meet up for a farewell lunch,” Danny says.

“One minute we were joking about opening a farm so we could produce goats cheese, and the next, we were creating a business concept like no other.”

Danny says the pair wanted to provide healthy delicious food readily available to everyone and to educate people about healthy eating and nourishing their bodies.

“From a young age I’d always had access to healthy food, however, I had never been satisfied with the taste of it,” Danny says.

“Mark developed a passion for healthy eating a few years ago and had always been confused by the information available so wanted to create a concept that not only educated people about healthy eating but provided real, healthy food with traceable, locally sourced ingredients.”

“After quite a bit of research we decided a self-service café vending machine business model offering healthy options would have the greatest reach, particularly to universities, schools and hospitals.”

Mark says he and Daniella spent the next six months working from home to create the All Real Food brand; identifying the company’s food philosophy and designing the self-service cafes.

“By 2014 we had an office, and by 2015 we had a state of the art vending machine and a kitchen ready and waiting for a talented chef,” he says.

Soon after, chef Keng Murray joined the All Real Food family, bringing with him more than 20 years of experience and a passion for healthy food and living.

“We’re exceptionally happy with his work and are constantly amazed by his creations and the level of thought that goes into each meal,” Mark says.

From gluten free donuts, to paleo superfood salads, jerk chicken wraps and vegan raw treats, All Real Food meal options are guilt-free and delicious.

The company is set to roll out more self-service cafe vending machines within the next month, partnering with some of Australia’s leading businesses to offer healthy food on the go.

At the moment you can find All Real Food vending machines in the Wintergarden, Urban Climb gym in Milton, Valley Metro, as well as a range of hospitals and universities, with prices on meals and snacks ranging from $4.50 to $14.90

You can also find All Real Food meals in selected retail outlets including That Little Place, IGA Sanctuary Cove, Think Café, Thrive on George and The Produce Bulk Foods.

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