Brisbane’s King and Queen of brownies, Deborah and Bien Peralta, will open the doors to their second Dello Mano cafe today.

Located in the Tattersall’s Arcade in Queen Street Mall, Dello Mano’s new store will offer city dessert lovers a range of handmade brownies, tarts, cookies, cakes and other decadent treats.

The store is the second for owners Bien and Deborah Peralta, with the first being their well-known cafe in Teneriffe.

The couple say they started the business 10 years ago after a trip to Italy, but never thought they’d make it this far.

“I met Deb in 1991 when we both worked at Cadbury Australia. As corporate beasts we always had a small dream of starting our own business and we eventually got to the point where we had a gutful of our jobs. We decided to take a trip to Italy, one of our favourite places outside of Brisbane, and it was that holiday — six weeks driving through the Italian country side, laughing, crying, eating — that inspired us to start our own chocolate and brownie business,” Bien says.

“We had people tell us we had to be crazy to start a brownie business, but now we’ve spawned a little empire. You could say we have chocolate running through our veins.”

Bien says the business first started with online orders, then moved to the markets and eventually to their Teneriffe store.

“We started online with people ordering things, but we didn’t have enough money to get going so Jan Powers invited us to start at the markets in New Farm,” he says.

“We kept our day jobs, worked during the day and cooked at night until we got the business going.

“Our kids would often be with us while we cooked, so our daughters Phoebe and Coco have been with us working in the business since they were 6 and 4 years old, now they’re 19 and 17 years old. They’re super proud of the business.”

Bien says they chose brownies simply because they love them.

“Although not a literal translation of the Italian words, Dello Mano is about the translation of the Magic; the creativity and the humanity. Dello Mano is about food created by our own hands using recipes that emphasise delicate flavours and exquisite ingredients,” he says.

“We are proud of the fact that we still hand craft and hand wrap all the mountains of brownies that we make.

“To be honest we chose brownies, not because of a monetary opportunity, but because we love brownies.”

Bien says opening a new store in the Tattersalls Arcade was an opportunity they just couldn’t go past.

“We were looking for a city outlet for our business and when this opportunity came up it was a premium position which was in-sync with our strategy, because we’ve always seen ourselves as a premium brand,” he says

“It’s a really nice home in Brisbane and we believe it’s an appropriate place for Dello Mano.”

The new store will see the launch of a range of new treats and flavours.

Once a Food Scientist, Deborah creates most of the flavours herself with the help of Phoebe and Coco. She says there’s heaps to look forward to with the new store.

“We will have our popular brownies and chocolate truffles, but we’ll have more space so we’ll be able to display a lot more products,” she says.

“We’ve got a few quite a few new brownies coming through, like a beautiful roast hazelnut and raspberry brownie, a rum and raisin brownie and since it’s really mainstream and we’ve driven brownies from the start we’ve also decided to do a really beautiful vegan brownie.”

Bien says they will even have pies and treats made with a brownie base! We are so there!

Dello Mano officially open their doors today (Wednesday 1 June) in the Tattersall’s Arcade in Queen Street Mall.