This will be a day long remembered. Brisbane’s much-anticipated Death Star Canteen will finally open to the public on Wednesday 1 June.

A long, long time ago (well, it was only February, but it feels like a long time ago), we told you about the Death Star Canteen.

After missing its expected opening date in May, owner Glen Morris — of Glen’s Espresso fame — has confirmed that the Canteen will be serving up coffee and sandwiches from a galaxy far, far away from Wednesday 1 June.

The opening day celebrations will feature costumes, food, drink and potential chaos, with thousands of keen diners attempting to cram into a café that only has seats for 35 people (believe it or not, the Death Star Canteen is not actually the size of a small moon).

Glen warns that the café might get squishier than the average garbage compactor, so he won’t be able to hold a table for you on opening day — you’ll just have to turn up and hope the Force is with you — but he will be doing his best to keep everyone fed, entertained and having a good time.

For those not in the know, the Death Star Canteen is inspired by the classic Eddie Izzard comedy routine of the same name — and yes, they will be serving Penne all’Arrabiatta.

“Death Star Canteen is all about Galactic domination, coffee to power an empire and making the world’s best sandwich,” Glen told us back in February.

“Along with those humble goals we also aim to be a break from the ‘sensibleness’ of the CBD. We will be using the Glen’s Espresso pioneered self-service honesty box till system, which shouldn’t work but somehow does, and just generally having as much goddamned fun as we can each and every day.”

The Death Star Canteen’s opening extravaganza will be held at 359 Queen Street on Wednesday 1 June from 6am to 4pm. If you’re planning to attend, RSVP to the Facebook event page so Glen has an idea of just how much Penne he’ll need.

You may fire when ready.

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