A new board game-themed cafe and bar is set to open up in Brisbane this month, bringing good old fashioned fun and conversation back to the dining table.

Club Sosay, located on the corner of Latrobe and Given Terrace in Paddington, is set to open its doors on Saturday 21 May, offering its diners the opportunity to play board games while they eat and drink.

Owner Debbie Seipel says the idea was inspired by a Canadian board game cafe called Snakes and Lattes.

“I wanted to create a place where people could come and really communicate and talk to each other, rather than a normal bar where people sit on their phones all night and get drunk,” she says.

“We found that there just wasn’t a lot of places out there, where you can actually meet people face to face and connect to people on a real level. Then, one of my friends told me about this great place in Canada called Snakes and Lattes who used board games to get people talking and interacting, so I went over at Christmas and checked it out.

“The board game idea was so much fun, I loved it, I was hooked on it and thought, ‘We need that in Australia’.”

Debbie believes people are spending far too much time sitting in front of screens and connecting in cyberspace, rather than making real conversation.

“There’s a disconnect these days and the way of interacting has broken down, it’s a lot different to when I was young. We would often have social gatherings and community based events with whole generations there, from grandmas to the newest babies in the family,” she says.

“My intention is to connect people and communities through board games, conversations, food and drinks in a safe and comfortable environment.

“Whether you come with your own group of people or by yourself, if you want to meet other people we’ll sit you with other people.”

Debbie says playing a board game over lunch or dinner is a great way to connect with people, on many different levels.

“It’s really good for a first date, because it’s someone you don’t really know well and the conversations tend to be quite awkward. It’s really easy to talk over a game, because you’re talking about the game and the conversation takes you in all sorts of directions,” she says.

“It’s also a great way to connect with your grown up kids, because parents with kids in their teens or even early 20s don’t always have a lot to talk about. They are spending time together, but this really connects them and gets them to spend fun time together on a regular basis.”

Club Sosay offers its guests over 500 different board games to choose from. Debbie says each table will also get their own games guru to help them out.

“We’ve got games experts who can suggest games for you based on your interests, they’ll show you how to play each game and go through all the rules if you’re unsure of anything,” she says.

Club Sosay offers a full tapas style menu with a range of delicious nibbles and treats to enjoy while you play, as well as a selection of craft beers and wine.

Debbie can’t wait to open up the doors, and thinks the idea will go down a treat with Brisbane residents.

“I’m absolutely sure some people will spend hours and hours here, whereas others might pop in for an hour or so and play a quick game while they have their lunch or dinner and then head off,” she says.

“Club Sosay offers a real broad variety of options for everyone and I think it will be a very popular hang out place.

“Hey, stay and play all day if you want!”

Debbie already has plans to open a second Club Sosay in St Lucia.

Club Sosay Paddington will open on Saturday 21 May at the corner of Latrobe and Given Terrace in Paddington.