Despite being Australia’s third largest city, it sometimes feels impossible to find a great late night meal in Brisbane.

Well, that’s all about to change.

Valley Late Night Bites is a new initiative to make great quality food available to Brisbane residents after 10pm.

Every Saturday night from 10pm to 3am, a dozen of Brisbane’s best food trucks and street eat stalls will assemble in the Chinatown Mall to satisfy hungry night owls.

They’ll be serving everything from slow cooked BBQ, gourmet pizza, American sliders, Malaysian curry and Hungarian Langos to specialty desserts, churros, venison pie and handmade vegetarian dumplings.

There’ll also be a Night Bite chill out area, where you’ll be able to grab free bottled water if you’re up all night to have fun.

Event organisers Goodwill Projects say the Valley Late Night Bites will not only improve the quality of food choices in Fortitude Valley for weekend revellers, but they’ll also offer emergency service, hospitality staff and other shift workers more options than ever.

So put down the greasy kebab and step away from that questionable slice of pizza. Valley Late Night Bites launches Saturday 21 May in the Chinatown Mall, running from 10pm to 3am.