Local restaurateur Renata Roberts is expanding her reach, bringing Pizzeria Violetta and Sichuan Bang Bang to Paddington.

Roberts opened Sichuan Bang Bang in Kenmore in 2012, and Pizzeria Violetta in the same suburb last year.

Both of those venues are staying put — but she’s essentially turning them into franchises by opening another Pizzeria VIoletta and another Sichuan Bang Bang in Paddington.

The two restaurants will be located at 167 Given Terrace, in one venue offering two distinctly different dining experiences.

Roberts says Sichuan Bang Bang and Pizzeria Violetta will stimulate Paddington with a fresh and exciting dining hub that will serve up provincial Italian food and authentic Sichuan cuisine, as well as weekend breakfast, lunch and yum cha.

“Melbourne and Sydney are so spoilt for dining choice,” says Roberts, who opened venues in both cities before moving to Brisbane.

“I want to add depth to the Brisbane dining arena. I think this is the restaurant Paddington has been waiting for.”

Renata Roberts

Renata Roberts

A caboose-style eatery will house Sichuan Bang Bang on one side of the venue, and an open Italian kitchen — complete with a Stefano Ferarra D.O.C wood-fired pizza oven — will serve Pizzeria Violetta diners on the other side.

An open stone bar in the middle of the venue will serve as a divider between the two restaurants, and an outdoor deck will provide an open air dining area for Pizzeria Violetta.

Roberts says she has conveyed the unique look and feel of each Kenmore venue to Paddington, employing celebrated local artist Kellie O’Dempsey to design artwork for each space.

Melbourne artist Miss Sai Wai Foo will install a ‘life-size’ dragon, called Madam Pearl Bang Bang Chang, to reside in the ceiling of Sichuan Bang Bang, watching over the restaurant diners.

“The success of Bang Bang and Pizzeria Violetta have hinged on staying true to the heritage of each restaurant’s cuisine,” Roberts says.

“This same principle will be employed in Paddington.”

Sichuan Bang Bang

Sichuan Bang Bang

Pizzeria Violetta and Sichuan Bang Bang are set to open on Monday 9 May at 167 Given Terrace, Paddington.

Both restaurants will be open seven days a week, 5pm ’till late. The venue will also open weekends for breakfast and lunch at Pizzeria Violetta, and Yum Cha at Sichuan Bang Bang.

Takeaway will be available from 5pm daily, and even earlier on weekend game days for those venturing into the stadium in need of a pre-game feed.

For bookings, call 3378 8389 (for Sichuan Bang Bang) and 3378 2533 (for Pizzeria Violetta).