Brisbane rock duo DZ Deathrays have won multiple ARIAs, played the biggest festivals in the country and released some of Australia’s best music videos. But that all pales in comparison to their latest achievement — they’re about to release their own beer.

Shane Parsons and Simon Ridley will trade in their ripped jeans for soggy suits and briefcases full of beer as they try their hand at being top beer executives, launching their ‘Pils n Thrills’ pilsner at the Blurst of Times Festival in Brisbane this month.

If you’re a little skeptical of the boys’ homebrewing skills, don’t worry — they’re not actually making the beer themselves. It’s a collab with popular Newtown brewery Young Henrys.

“Tried home brewing, tasted like p**s,” explains Shane, the band’s vocalist/guitarist turned beer executive. “Tried buying beer at the pub, too expensive. Brewed 86 kegs of ‘Pils n Thrills’ with Young Henrys to have beer on tap, so to speak, and we might actually pull this one off!”

The duo are taking their new responsibilities seriously. Simon says he’s been swimming laps in a vat of freshly brewed beer to ensure each drop meets his high standards, while Shane has spent a full day at the brewery, checking and rechecking the beer taps for temperature, flow control, and, you know, science.

Pils N Thrills

Image: The beer executives at work.

Meanwhile, Young Henrys co-founder Oscar McMahon is doing all of the actual work. He says the Czech pilsner is a stripped back, classic, compact malt bill with a surprisingly hoppy palm to the nose. Just like DZ Deathrays, probably?

“No gimmicks here, mate,” Oscar says. “It’s brewed to be enjoyed fast, fun and loud.”

Will Pils ‘N’ Thrills be ready in time for its debut at the Blurst of Times Festival’s beer garden on Saturday 16 April? You be the judge…

Dune Rats, BAD//DREEMS, Kirin J Callinan, Methyl Ethel, Polish Club and more headline The Blurst of Times this Saturday 16 April at The Brightside, The Foundry and The Zoo in Fortitude Valley. For more info, visit our event guide. DZ Deathrays will be pouring Pils ‘N’ Thrills in the beer garden from 5-6pm.