One of the city’s best burger joints, Miel Container, is set to open its second Brisbane store in Sunnybank next month.

Operating out of a bright red shipping container in Brisbane City, Miel Container serves up a range of homemade burgers boasting French and Asian flavours.

The restaurant opened in 2013 and has been increasingly popular ever since, which is why owner Johnny Na has now decided to expand and open a second store in Sunnybank.

“Of course there will be burgers and there will also be a bar, but it’s much bigger than our other store, able to seat about 120 people,” he says.

“It will look a little bit different, too, and there will be heaps of new items on the menu, but it’s all a big surprise.”

Johnny says the Sunnybank store, which will be located in Market Square Shopping Centre, will also use the shipping container concept.

“Back in my country, Korea, the industrial look and container concept is fairly normal,” he says.

“I really wanted to bring that idea here, because you don’t see that too often.”

Being in a shopping centre, the new store will not be a real shipping container, but Johnny says it will definitely look like one.

Miel Container offers a range of popular burgers, like the Miso-smoked pork belly burger, Korean BBQ bulgogi burger and the Caprese Burger, as well as the option to design your own, using quality ingredients like grass fed beef or 100 per cent fat free chicken, gourmet cheeses and veg, and homemade sauces.

Johnny says the menu offers snacks and meals, and covers a whole range of different flavours and cuisines.

“We like to use a mixture of flavours and cuisines as inspiration, but it’s predominantly Asian and French flavours. Not just because of my heritage, but I also studied French cooking for 13 years,” he says.

For the buns, Johnny has enlisted the help of a French pastry chef who bakes the stores’ brioche buns and ciabatta fresh every morning.

Miel Container’s new store will be located in Market Square Shopping Centre at 9 Lewina Street in Sunnybank. Johnny hopes they’ll be open by mid April.

If you can’t wait until then though, their Brisbane City store is located at 96 Mary Street.