Brace yourselves — KFC have just launched a pitch-black Zinger burger in Australia.

No, this bun isn’t burnt — it’s meant to look this way.

Black buns (get your minds out of the gutter) have been popular overseas for a while now, particularly in Japan. Now KFC is getting Aussies in on the action.

The Zinger Black Burger features a jet-black bun. The bun itself doesn’t have a distinct flavour, but it’s sprinkled with sesame seeds, nigella seeds, chilli flakes and black cracked pepper, which should set it apart from the rest of the menu.

It’s also rocking a maple mustard flavoured sauce, crispy bacon, cheese, lettuce and tomato (and a Zinger fillet, of course).

So if the bun’s not burnt, how do they make it look that way? Just by using vegetable carbon, apparently. It’s the same colouring used in several liquorices, jams and jellies, and yes, it’s an approved substance under the Food Standards code.

With 1973kJ of energy, 35.9g of protein, 19.2g of fat, 45.7g of carbs, 11.9g of sugars and 1566mg of sodium, it is slightly more indulgent than the regular Zinger burger (which clocks in at 1779kJ of enery, 28.4g of protein, 18.4g of fat, 42.7g of cabrs, 8.5g of sugar and 1062mg of sodium), but it might be worth it for the novelty value.

The Zinger Black is available now nationwide for a limited time.

[Via Lifehacker

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