This isn’t how we expected Brisbane to make it into the record books, but we’ll take it.

Domino’s Australia has potentially changed the pizza delivery game forever, unveiling the world’s first robotic pizza delivery unit at a ceremony in Brisbane last night.

Domino’s Robotic Unit — or DRU, as his mates call him — is a GPS-powered, standalone unit on wheels.

He’s absolutely adorable — at least until you consider all the jobs DRU and his robotic brethren are probably going to take away from pizza delivery drivers.

DRU can reach speeds of up to 20 kilometres per hour, and can travel on footpaths, bike paths, and trails, following a path laid out by built-in laser guidance technology.

There’s no need to worry about cretins intercepting ol’ DRU and stealing your pizza, either, as it’ll be locked away safely in its chest (kind of like Optimus Prime’s Matrix of Leadership, only with, you know, pizza) until you unlock it with a security code.

In a statement, Domino’s CEO Don Meij lauded DRU as one small step for the pizza delivery industry, and one giant leap for mankind.

“With autonomous vehicles opening up possibilities for saving lives, saving time and moving goods more efficiently, we look forward to continuing our work in this field and leading the commercial trials,” he said.

The robot is the product of technology created by Australian start-up Marathon Robotics and the military, which — wait, we’re just inviting robots built with military technology into our homes now?

Oh, well played, Skynet. Well played.

This is the way the world ends — not with a bang, but with a cheesy stuffed crust pizza.