Finally, a dragon worth slaying.

Just in time for Easter, the Dragon Egg dessert made famous at Saké Double Bay is coming to Brisbane.

The egg — which comprises of a Valrhona dark chocolate shell that is filled with toasted chocolate crumble, edible soil and passionfruit yoghurt crispy chips — will be available at Saké Eagle Street Pier.

The chocolate egg is also filled with chocolate mousse, passionfruit curd, and mango caramel. It’s served with passionfruit ice cream, which is said to add a terrific tartness to the rich, chocolatey dish.

Incredibly, the Dragon Egg takes three days to make, so it’s not exactly something you can order on a whim.

On Day 1, the chocolate shells are made, which involves carefully tempering a large amount of chocolate. On Day 2, the components which fill the egg are made. On Day 3, the components are assembled inside the egg, which is gently sealed with a shiny chocolate glaze. After all that, a light dusting of gold dust is the finishing touch to the outside of the egg.

The egg is then delivered to the table and served under a pouring of liquid nitrogen, which isn’t just a fantastic bit of theatre — it also makes the egg brittle enough to break open with a spoon in a spectacular display of chocolatey decadence.

Created for Saké Double Bay, this rock star of a dessert is finally coming on a road trip to Brisbane.

Fifty (and only fifty) Dragon Egg desserts will be available at Saké Restaurant & Bar at Eagle Street Pier over the Easter long weekend (Friday 25 March to Monday 28 March) as part of the Chef’s Signature Menu, which costs $110 per person.

To book your time with the most exclusive dessert in town, call Saké on 3015 0557.

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