The Force is strong with this one. Brisbanites will soon be able to enjoy coffee and sandwiches from a galaxy far, far away when Death Star Canteen opens on Queen Street.

The result of many years of day dreaming by Glen Morris, of Glen’s Espresso fame, Death Star Canteen is inspired by the classic Eddie Izzard comedy routine of the same name.

“Death Star Canteen is all about Galactic domination, coffee to power an empire and making the world’s best sandwich,” promises Glen.

“Along with these humble goals we also aim to be a break from the ‘sensibleness’ of the CBD. We will be using the Glen’s Espresso pioneered self-service honesty box till system, which shouldn’t work but somehow does, and just generally having as much goddamned fun as we can each and every day.”

Appropriately enough, Death Star Canteen will open on May the 4th (widely celebrated as Star Wars Day, in reference to the phrase ‘May the Force be with you’) at 359 Queen Street.

Glen says the Canteen will open with the biggest bang since Alderaan, with music, freebies, prizes, and a pug in a Darth Vader costume.


Oh, and in case any Eddie Izzard fans are wondering — yes, they will be serving Penne all’Arrabiatta.

“I don’t even know what that is,” Glen says, “but it’ll be on the menu!”

UPDATE: Sadly, construction of the much-anticipated Death Star Canteen is running behind schedule, and it will not be operational in time for Star Wars Day as planned. Rest assured that the venue shall double its efforts to be completed, and a new opening date will be announced soon (don’t be surprised if it’s 25 May).

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