Can you believe it’s only been a year since the first Doughnut Time store opened in Fortitude Valley? To celebrate its first birthday, the doughnut shop challenged some of Australia’s most creative bakers to go nuts and decorate their own Doughnut Time treats.

Photos of all the creations have been shared on Instagram using the #DTproject hashtag, and the results have got us drooling all over our monitors. Check out these unbelievable efforts!

First up, there’s Sydney-based Sweets With Love’s lemon meringue doughnut with rosewater kisses, tangy lemon curd, candied lemon slices and a lemon syrup.


Sweets With Love also created this white chocolate raspberry cheesecake doughnut with raspberry sauce, moist coconut shreds and white chocolate shards.


Then there’s Sydney-based Jen Baker’s Bake Down Cakery, who decorated this glazed doughnut with strawberry ganache, crisp cereal pearls, a choc swirl dome and a dusting of matcha powder.


Seriously, it’s taking all our self-restraint not to just abandon this post and go grab a doughnut right now. How about this stacked naked doughnut topped with meringue kisses, from Sydney’s Quincy Lane?


Or this passionfruit cheesecake doughnut from Sydney’s Sweet Mama Cakes, drizzled with passionfruit glaze, topped with a passionfruit cheesecake ball and passionfruit toffee shard, and finished off with fresh passionfruit and biscuit crunch?


Sweet Mama Cakes also came up with Strawberry Fields, a doughnut smothered in warm dark chocolate ganache and fresh strawberry swiss meringue, then topped with chocolate dipped fresh, vacuum dried strawberries and strawberry chocolate bark…


… And this absolutely insane doughnut crackle sundae. It’s an OG Doughnut Time doughnut, cut in half, dipped in melted dark chocolate and 100s & 1000s, with a ring of vanilla bean ice cream and a chocolate crackle disc sandwiched in between, topped off with whipped cream, more 100s & 1000s, almond flakes, dark chocolate fudge sauce and a chocolate crackle shard!


Sydney’s Ivy + Stone Cake Design came up with these honeycomb, affogato and sticky date pudding dessert doughnuts.


Melbourne’s Decara Sweets came to the party with this matcha glazed doughnut with salted caramel drizzle, caramel popcorn, matcha Kit Kat and matcha caramel corn!


As well as this stunning blackberry glazed doughnut with a pavlova nest, fresh gold dusted raspberries and blackberries, and a syringe filled with raspberry coulis!


Sydney’s Desserts By Joey loaded up on S’mores for this monstrous creation…


Brisbane’s own Whipped Cake Co. knocked it out of the park with a series of to-die-for creations, including this strawberry shortcake doughnut filled with strawberries and vanilla cream, topped with white chocolate drizzle, toffee shards, freeze dried strawberries and strawberry shards and a berry coulis…


… As well as The Forest Gump, a chocolate-glazed doughnut covered with chocolate shavings, filled with vanilla bean buttercream, morello cherries and berry coulis, and topped with fresh cherries…


… And The Golden Rough, a chocolate glaze doughnut topped with toasted coconut, homemade coconut roughs and a golden chocolate sail…


… And Crumblestiltskins, a doughnut filled with homemade apple crumble topped with caramel drizzle, toffee shard and a white chocolate sail!


But for our money, it’s Elisa Pietrantonio who emerges as the MVP of the #DTProject. First, The Churro coats a doughnut in cinnamon sugar and fills it with Mexican chilli chocolate, before drizzling it with gooey caramel and topping it with a mountain of Nutella filled churros (and more chilli chocolate)…


… And our favourite creation of all, the Funfetti, stacked with popcorn and strawberry Persian fairy floss, covered in a bubblegum glaze with sprinkles and gold leaf, topped with vanilla unicorn buttercream, more sprinkles and popcorn, Chupa Chups, chocolate bark, and strawberry sour strips, and finished with an edible glitter syringe!


Okay… we’re going to need to lie down now. We’re sorry we showed you all of those, really.

Follow the #DTProject hashtag for more insane creations, if you can stomach it!

Which creation is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!