Che Asado, an Argentinean restaurant in South Bank, has reportedly been forced to close due to issues with its custom-made charcoal grill.

“The current exhaust system is unable to keep up with the capacity of our fiery charcoal grill, and as Che is in a residential area we have been asked to remove the charcoal grill and replace it with a gas grill,” says The Ole Restaurant Group’s general manager, Luke Stringer.

Stringer says the venue, which opened in late 2014, has been “extremely successful”, and is only closing because of the issues with the grill.

“We feel we cannot operate with true identity as an ‘asado’ without the use of a charcoal grill. We say goodbye to Che — it has been fun and much loved by many, but we say hello to a fabulous new Mexican concept that will rise in its place.”

The venue’s closure is effective from today (Monday 15 February), and a date for the re-opening of the venue with its new Mexican theme has not been set.

In the meantime, Stringer’s presence will continue to be felt in South Bank — he’s also responsible for running Stanley Street Ole Restaurant, The Sangria Bar and new Italian restaurant Mister Paganini.

Oh, and about that charcoal grill — Stringer says it can be yours if the price is right.

“Anyone want to buy a very expensive custom charcoal grill?”

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