The Noosa Chocolate Factory’s ‘little research store’ offers a very different take on chocolate in Brisbane’s CBD.

Now this is some important research we can get behind.

Customers at the ‘little research store’, which just opened in Queen Street, can see chocolate being made from scratch (with the cocoa bean), learn about ‘conching’ (the process of grinding cocoa and sugar into chocolate) and try a single plantation hot chocolate made with cocoa from the Noosa Chocolate Factory’s partner farm on Kar Kar Island in Papua New Guinea.

The range of experimental chocolates sold at the store changes regularly; this week, the research range includes new age chocolate inclusions such as bee pollen and honeycomb, floral pectin jellies and more unusual pairings such as wild geranium and goats milk chocolate. Up to 50 products from the research range are available to try each day.

Noosa Chocolate Factory is also set to open a ‘big research store’ in Albion next month, where customers will be able to view larger machinery in action and try an extended range of 100 research products. All chocolates in the ‘little research store’ and ‘big research store’ are made in Brisbane.

Noosa Chocolate Factory’s ‘little research store’ can be found at 345 Queen Street, directly under the AAMI building. It’s open from 7am to 6pm, Monday to Friday.

Are you keen to try the experimental chocolate range, or would you rather stick to your old favourites? Let us know in the comments below! 

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