Cobbler’s new cocktail menu will take your breath away.

Fans might be going crazy for Star Wars ace fighter pilot Oscar Isaac right now, but the team at Cobbler only have that loving feeling for one cinematic top gun — and that’s Tom Cruise. Obviously.

The West End venue’s new cocktail menu is a heartfelt tribute to Maverick, Goose, Iceman, and the rest of the crew from the 1986 action flick that gave us some of the finest aerial combat scenes — and some of the most subtext-heavy beach volleyball scenes — in the history of the movies.

You can put on your favourite aviator shades and get started with the Maverick (Glen Grant 10 soft whisky, Rosso Antico, burnt orange and rhubarb syrup, and Black Mission fig bitters), before going a few rounds with the Goose (tequila, Lillet Rose, tarragon syrup and plum bitters) and the Iceman (Wyboroba vodka, sage-infused sake, lemon myrtle agave and Peychaud’s bitters).

Then there’s Kenny Loggins and Sterling Archer’s favourite new cocktail, The Danger Zone, with cherries, Monkey Shoulder whisky, Crème De Menthe liquor, lemon juice and tarragon syrup.

If you feel the need for speed, keep in mind that there are 25 themed cocktails on the menu in total, so you might have to slow it down a notch to make your way through the entire list.

The new cocktail menu follows a massive win for the Cobbler crew in December, when they took out the national finale of the Sailor Jerry’s Pins and Pin-ups tenpin bowling competition. They won themselves a trophy and a trip to Honolulu this month, where they’ll visit Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins’ original tattoo shop, take surfing lessons on Waikiki Beach and enjoy a few rum cocktails.

Cobbler Cocktail & Whisky Bar is located at 7 Browning Street, West End.