Ipswich’s first German restaurant opened their doors last week, boasting a delicious German menu with a twist – of the Breaking Bad kind.

Owned by the Fechner family, Heisenberg Haus officially opened its doors on Friday 18 December in Ipswich’s CBD, offering traditional German cuisine and a cocktail menu with references to characters from the popular TV series, Breaking Bad.

All around the restaurant there are subtle references to the TV show, including menus found on the inside of Brother Grimm Fairytale books and the decor with a large Little Red Riding Hood drawing in the VIP room.

Owner of Heisenberg Haus, Andrew Fechner says although he loves the show he wanted to be sure to keep the restaurant accessible to everyone.

“We didn’t want to make it so on the nose that we would ostracise any of our customers who don’t watch Breaking Bad,” he says.

“Obviously in the name we’re paying homage to the antagonist of the show and within the restaurant itself there are a couple of “Easter eggs” hidden around.”

“It’s pretty fun the way that it’s actually unfolding and there’s more to come next year.”

Whether you’re an avid watcher of the popular TV drama or not, one things sure to win you over and that’s the food.

The kitchen is run by Austrian chef Marcel Jaritz who is a pro at serving up authentic German cuisine with a side of Aussie culture.

Think big hearty meals like, chicken schnitzel with golden panfried potatoes, pork knuckle with Hesienberg’s speciality sauerkraut and fresh fish of the day with aromatic rice and warm soft pretzels with whipped butter.

Andrew’s personal recommendation is the Pork Belly with spiced red cabbage preserve and creamy mashed potato. Delicious!

And of course your meal wouldn’t be complete without a glass of high quality German beer. From the caramel tinged Lowenbrau Original or the smoky ice coffee flavour of Franziskaner’s Hefe Weissbier Dunkel, there’s something for everyone. Plus, they’re preservative and additive free!

Cocktail lovers won’t miss out either with a funky Breaking Bad inspired drink menu, including the Strawberry Pinkman, a fresh take on the Strawberry Daiquiri, and the Blue Crystal Surprise – and the ingredients literally are a surprise.

“I can’t tell you (what the ingredients are), but there’s a little funky ingredient in there,” Andrew says.

If you’re a German food newbie and thinking of trying out Heisenberg Haus, Andrew says there is plenty on the menu to satisfy everyone.

“I’d just like to say the cuisine is very hearty, the drinks are world-class. It’s a very accessible model, so if you’re undecided, there’s plenty on the menu to satisfy everyone,” he says.

Heisenberg Haus is located at 164 Brisbane Street, Ipswich, Queensland 4305. Their website is coming soon here or in the meantime you can book a table by calling 0421 106 889.