Healthy eating is possible at this time of year; it’s all a matter of knowing where to feast. One place to satisfy the glutton in all of us in a more sustainable way is Vege Rama at West End.

This vegetarian restaurant offers a wide array of nutrition-packed dishes that are generous in portion and taste delicious.

All menu items use locally sourced ingredients that are at peak freshness and without any artificial additives included.

After scouring through the menu for a while, we tried the raw pad Thai salad with kelp noodles, coriander, cucumber, sprouts, cashews, and a chilli lime dressing.

This mountain of nutrition was extremely satisfying, both in terms of taste and the knowledge that it was actually good for me.

The kelp noodles were very similar to glass noodles, and the crunchy cashews added a nice texture to the julienned vegetables. The whole salad was tossed through with a lovely sweet and spicy dressing that was also slightly nutty.

Other mains include a sweet potato gnocchi with mushrooms, sugar snap peas and chive cream. There is also a vege burger with a black bean patty, kipfler fries, saffron mustard aioli and a beetroot relish with a gluten free bun option available.

For group sharing, there are a range of vege-based pizzas on offer, with the pick being the Mt Buffalo goat’s blue with radicchio, a rich blue goat’s cheese and Swiss brown mushrooms.

There are a wide range of drinks of offer to wash everything down, including some impressive cocktails, made on cold press juices. Beer, wine and ciders are also available.

At this time of the year, the Young Summer cocktail hits the spot, made on gin, mint, watermelon juice, cucumber and young coconut water.

For designated drivers, you can choose from a range of yoghurt lassies, cold press juices or even a nutrient shot, which is 60ml of concentrated, cold pressed liquefied nutrition.

A range of decadent gluten-free and vegan cakes and slices are on offer as well, including a mouth-watering chocolate vegan cheese cake.

Vege Rama is open for late breakfasts, lunch and dinner seven days a week, and can be found at 220 Melbourne Street, West End.