Scout Café on Petrie Terrace is one of those establishments that is consistently busy every time you drive past — and for good reason. With a creative menu, beautifully executed dishes, and an interior that is more quirky than a flying reindeer, Scout is a great café option for a lazy weekend brunch.

The latest seasonal menu makes the most of spring and summer produce, with light dishes that still guarantee to satisfy.

From the breakfast menu, we opted for the strawberries and cream brioche French toast with fresh strawberries, strawberry crème fraiche, strawberry rhubarb compote and pistachios.

Whenever I order French toast, I worry that I may only end up with a couple of thin slices of bread which may not be enough for a morning-after-the-night-before breakfast. That was not the case here.

Two generous slabs of brioche were well-coated in egg and fried so they were nice and crisp on the outside, but still soft and buttery on the inside.

The strawberry crème fraiche was just divine, with a strong fresh strawberry taste and tart crème fraiche whipped together like a decadent fruity cloud that offset the sweet strawberry rhubarb compote.

We also tried the smashed avocado with feta, herbs, olive oil and lemon, served up on sourdough with an optional fried egg extra and mushroom extra.

This healthy breakfast was extremely tasty, with top quality produce used, and the egg cooked to runny-yolk perfection.

To go with our fresh breakfasts, we tested out the juice menu. The watermelon, pineapple and mint juice was lovely and refreshing, but the star was the cucumber, pear, apple and mint juice which absolutely nailed it on a balmy Sunday morning.

To keep cool, a range of milkshakes are also available, with indulgent flavours including salted caramel, chocolate ganache, or strawberry and rhubarb.

Other new breakfast items include the spring bruschetta, with goats curd, edamame, peas, flaked almonds, zucchini ribbons, fried egg, pecorino and lemon and honey dressing.

Lunch is also on offer at Scout, with a range of bagels and salads gracing the midday menu.

The front cabinet also houses a range of sweet treats, including large serves of homemade muesli bars, which are always tempting to take away as a roadie.

Scout Café can be found at 190 Petrie Terrace and is open for breakfast and lunch, seven days a week.