Brisbane restaurateur Damian Griffiths’ latest venture, Mister Fitz, is set to open its doors on December 10.

The ice creamery is the latest project from the mind of Griffiths, who already owns Alfred & Constance, Doughnut Time, Les Bubbles, Limes Hotel, Chester Street Bakery and more.

Mister Fitz will focus on hand-made, original recipe ice cream and ice cream sandwiches, pasteurising their own product in house and employing a small-batch mentality unlike any ice cream Brisbane has grown accustomed to.

The concept came from a trip to San Francisco, where Griffiths met Juliet Pries, a former actress who now runs a successful ice creamery in the Bay Area. Griffiths says the experience left him longing for “how ice cream used to be made… [his grandmother] once made ice cream herself from scratch, and nothing has ever really lived up to that.”

At the core of Mister Fitz is a creamy, original recipe ice cream, made by hand using fresh milk, cream and free-range eggs. Then there are the sandwiches that serve as vessels for the ice cream, as well as cookies, an array of brownies, and more items to come that will no doubt be all over your Instagram feed before you know it.

Mister Fitz, located behind Les Bubbles on Little Street in Fortitude Valley, is due to open on December 10 at 3pm. The store is part of a wider urban renewal project for Griffiths, who expects the area to see “great improvement” over the coming months.

The ice creamery will be open seven days a week, from 10am until late.

As you’d expect from the man who wasted no time opening up multiple Doughnut Time locations, Griffiths has already announced plans to open a second Mister Fitz location just weeks after the first.

The second store will be located in South Bank, and is already under construction.

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