A new Christmas Cake created by celebrity chef Ben O’Donoghue and Youngcare resident Bronwyn Tarlton is set to change young lives.

The ‘Youngcake’ was created to raise funds for Youngcare, and is based on Bronwyn’s unique family recipe for a blonde Christmas cake.

Though he has worked with culinary stars such as Curtis Stone and Jamie Oliver, Ben O’Donoghue says his time in the kitchen with Bronwyn was some of his most rewarding.

“I was ready to make a few tweaks but, once I tried it, it was clear Bronwyn knew her stuff,” he says.

Youngcare CEO, Samantha Kennerley says that the charity hoped the Youngcake would not only be embraced by the community but by corporate Australia too.

“Businesses can show they care at Christmas by sharing Youngcakes with staff and clients,” she says.

“Proceeds from Youngcakes will enable us to help the 7,000 young people with high care needs who are currently living in aged care in Australia, with our life changing accommodation and grants progams.”

All proceeds from the sale of the Youngcakes will go towards creating better futures for young people with high care needs, like Bronwyn.

Diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and requiring 24 hour care, Bronwyn found she had little choice with accommodation options – it was either the dementia unit in an aged care facility or a tiny room with no choice over when to eat, sleep or shower.

“It was one of my saddest times. Being unable to bake our family Christmas cake with my Dad but also the realisation that where I was living was not a place family and friends wanted to visit,” she says.

Fortunately Youngcare was able to give Bronwyn the opportunity to live a young life again when she moved into the Youngcare Wesley Mission Apartments at Sinnamon Park, Brisbane, where she now enjoys a fulfilling life, painting, writing, gardening and baking.

“Sadly, there are too many still living in inappropriate aged care facilities and I hope Dad’s delicious recipe can help them get access to the care they really need,” she says.

Local businesses have also generously offered their support to the novel initiative.

Popular Brisbane bakery Vanilla Pod has been busy baking the cakes while award winning Australian artist Michael Zavros created the bespoke art that adorns the cake box.

Vanilla Pod owner Carla Burns says more than 110kg of mixed fruit, 65kg of flour and 650 eggs had gone into baking the first batch – as well as a kilo of the recipe’s unusual signature ingredient, curry powder.

“We’ve never seen a Christmas cake recipe that includes curry powder before but it gives the cakes a lovely warmth on the palate,” Carla explained.

“We’ve been baking around the clock to make sure there will be plenty of Youngcakes to go around this Christmas.”

The Youngcake is now available for sale nationwide to raise much needed funds for Youngcare. You can get them in store at Vanilla Pod Cake & Deli Café in Ascot, Billykart Kitchen in Annerley and Billykart restaurant in West End or online at www.youngcare.com.au