Stafford Heights isn’t necessarily known for its dining scene, but a funky new bar in the neighbourhood is working wonders to change this reputation.

The Too Zero Bar and Inn of Indulgence seamlessly blends chic and rustic furnishings to create an elegantly yet quirky atmosphere.

A giant photo of the French countryside spans a whole wall, under a decorative pressed tin roof, adorned with teardrop lights.

This establishment would be right at home in New Farm or West End. Luckily for the locals, there’s now no need to traipse into town for a night out.

While you’re more than welcome to sit at the bar with a few drinks for the night, the food at Too Zero really is too good to pass up.

We started with duck fat kipfler potatoes, with sea salt, rosemary, and bacon shards. This was a great upmarket alternative to the plain old bowl of chips, and the duck fat used made these potato bites rich and tasty.

For mains we ordered the cornbeef hash, with potato puree, bacon, relish and fennel salad. The rustic hash itself was packed full of flavor and the crisp fennel contrasted nicely with the soft pillow of potato puree.

We also tried one of the new seasonal salads, made with beetroot, goat cheese, beetroot carpaccio, harissa and roasted baby corn. This salad was very moreish, with the creamy, decadent goat cheese working well with the sweet beet flavour.

There were three dessert-of-the-week options to choose from, and we couldn’t go past indulging in a sticky date pudding, which came out drowned in a caramel sauce.

The pudding itself was extremely moist, thanks to the French oven cooking technique used, whereby the sticky date mixture is placed into a small pan before another inverted small pan is placed on top, simulating a tiny oven space.

The fully stocked bar boasts an impressive range of craft beers as well as a moderate wine list. Numbers hanging on each spirit bottle lets you know how much a serve of each will cost, so you can keep tabs of your tab.

The Too Zero Bar and Inn of Indulgence is at 20 Farrant St, Stafford Heights, and is open evenings from Tuesday to Sunday, and from midday during the weekend.