Carolina Kitchen is jumping on board the food truck trend, with their first mobile kitchen set to hit the streets this month.

The American eatery, located at Coorparoo, has steadily formed a loyal following over the years, with a menu boasting Buffalo wings, ribs, homemade pies and giant hoagies..

The restaurant is a family business owned by former North Carolinian Mike Perry and his two sons, Nigel and Isaac, and has been operating now for five years. (At the time Carolina Kitchen opened, American-style eateries were still something of a novelty in Brisbane, as opposed to today, when it’s practically the default setting for new venues.)

Co-owner and self proclaimed pie-making expert Isaac believes the food truck will be a huge success.

“The restaurant has been quite successful, so we wanted to expand and open more avenues and access more people on the North side,” he says.

“For us it’s a no brainer. We’ll be offering our full menu but just change it up a little bit. It’s the same food but just in a different location, so we hope our customers will follow us and tell other people about us.”

Isaac says the truck menu will include hot dogs, New York fries, Buffalo wings, ribs, burgers, as well as Carolina Kitchen’s famous pies, including key lime, pumpkin, apple, cherry and pecan options.

“We do very traditional American food, the stuff you’d get from the corner store or petrol station diner in America,” he says.

“Being that my dad (Mike Perry) is from North Carolina, we like to serve the kind of food we all grew up with.

“All our recipes have been passed down to us and we’ve just developed them a little and made them more special.”

Isaac says that although they wanted to stick to their traditional American recipes, they have had to change some slightly.

“We’ve added a hint of Australian flavours to some of our recipes.

“We’ve also had to tone down the Buffalo wings for Aussies because they’re really hot, even our mild is too hot over here,” he laughs.

The boys hope to be on the road by mid-October. In the meantime, you can dine at Carolina Kitchen, located at 38 Macaulay Street in Coorparoo.