Restaurants come and go, but thanks to one dedicated fan, the memories of your favourite dine-in Pizza Hut could be immortalised!

One staple memory from our childhoods that will never be forgotten is the unlimited pizza, soft drink and soft serve experience whenever someone from school celebrated their birthday, or your sports team was winding up for the season.

But as these iconic huts are slowly being demolished, or in some cases tragically rebranded, one man has a dream to archive photographic memories of these sacred structures before it’s too late.

Kiwi-born Ho Hai Tran has been travelling around Australia, New Zealand, and the United States documenting the existing huts in their current forms, with hopes to create a coffee-table book for other enthusiasts to enjoy.

Tran discusses his project on Kickstarter.

“Pizza Hunt is a photographic record of my journey to find the iconic Pizza Hut restaurants that were erected in their thousands in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. The book will feature a carefully curated selection of these original dine-in ‘huts’. Today, only a handful of these huts remain and they now have second lives as grocery stores, pawnshops, gospel churches, liquor stores and funeral homes, among other things.

“Since capturing my first hut I have travelled over 14,000kms between Australia, New Zealand and the USA in pursuit of them all. To date I have captured nearly 100 huts. Although most have been repurposed, refurbished or relocated, the buildings are still readily recognisable and, for many who dined at Pizza Hut in the ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s, call to mind a time of dine-in fast food and self-serve sundaes.”

If you’re also passionate about the Pizza Huts of yesteryear, visit his Kickstarter today to donate to the cause!

Is there a business occupying the old dine-in Pizza Hut near you — or are you living the dream near one that’s still open? Let us know in the comments below!