The balmy spring weather invites lazy days grazing with friends, and Gambaro Seafood Restaurant appreciates this fact, with a new menu that now includes share plates but remains loyal to its traditional focus on fresh produce.

To start our journey through the new menu, we had a serving of Coffin Bay oysters and a tuna tartate with raspberry and beetroot. Both the South Australian oysters and the Mooloolaba yellow fin tuna sashimi were of such good quality not much else needed to be done with them. The smear of beetroot and fresh raspberries with the tuna not only added a welcome touch of sweetness, but turned this dish into a celebration of crimson.

Another new menu item was the Hervey Bay scallops served with lemon-herb butter and pangrattato. The scallops were lightly seared which retained their sweetness, with the lemon-herb butter adding an earthy richness to the dish. The pangrattato breadcrumbs provided a lovely crumbly texture to the silky scallops.

A stand-out offering from the new menu was the roast split king prawns, in a herb marinade with a tomato and olive salad. These king prawns were so big they almost needed their own postcode. Packed with flavour, the generous amount of prawn meat in this dish was lifted by a bouquet of fresh herbs in the marinade and salad.

The quality produce used by Gambaro Seafood Restaurant extends to the Black Hide Steakhouse by Gambaro, which recently won Queensland’s best steak restaurant for the second year in a row. Located just across the road from the Seafood Restaurant, the Black Hide Steakhouse serves up a selection of meaty share plates and, of course, steak.

In a valiant effort to eat our way through the menu, we tried the angus eye fillet (marble score 3+), wagyu sirloin (marble score 5+) and the show-stopping angus tomahawk (marble score 3+). I say show-stopping because the 1.2kg grain-fed angus tomahawk is bigger than a regular dinner plate and can serve up to three people.

Each of these distinctive steaks were, in a word, outstanding. The crispy seared exteriors gave way to tender, juicy meat. All were cooked beautifully using a high-speed Montague Broiler method which doesn’t require even the slightest hint of charcoal, ensuring the natural flavours of the meat shine through.

Sides included mushy peas with pancetta, roast pumpkin with a creamy garlic yoghurt and brown butter, and decadently good roast potatoes cooked in wagyu fat.

For dessert, the Eton mess was a celebration of spring, layered with the first two fruits of the season: strawberries and rhubarb. The delicate fairy floss on top added a candied lightness to the creamy dessert.

The updated menus at Gambaro Seafood Restaurant and Black Hide Steakhouse provide exceptional food for chilling out with friends during the warmer months.

Gambaro Seafood Restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a week, while Black Hide Steakhouse is open Tuesday to Friday for lunch and dinner, and for dinner only on Saturdays. Both are located on Caxton St in Petrie Terrace.

Disclaimer: The author dined as a guest of Gambaro Seafood Restaurant and Black Hide Steakhouse.