Laura Brodnik experiences the history, views and delicious treats Newstead has to offer.

This riverside suburb of Brisbane has had quite the make-over.

Once upon a time the area was an industrial stronghold featuring timber yards, asbestos works, wharves and woolstores while residents travelled on horse drawn trams.

Today, all of that old world grit can still be found beneath the surface, but the area has also blossomed into a must-visit mecca for Brisbane foodies. It’s a slice of paradise for anyone wanting to sample the many exotic cuisines that have found a home in the river suburb.

One of the best ways to do this is to embark on a Newstead Food Night Safari. This tour allows you to snake and snack your way around Newstead, sampling treats and eats while giving your legs a well-received workout.

On a bright Saturday at 3pm I arrived at Commercial Road in Teneriffe to kick off the tour. They say life is short and you should always eat dessert first, so that’s exactly what we did.

The first stop on the safari was Murielle Vuilleumier Swiss Chocolatier.

The artisan chocolate shop, which specialises in hand-crafted chocolates using the very best imported Swiss couverture, can best be described as a more elegant version of Willy Wonka’s factory. Our group is treated to rich cups of hot chocolate, a range of truffles and treats and the best chocolate covered strawberries that have been found in this world. Or any other.

The sweet treats didn’t stop there because moments later we were entering La Macelleria Gelateria, walking quickly before our sweet teeth could notice they had reached their limit. La Macelleria Gelateria serves up authentic Italian gelato, sorbet, gelato shakes, espresso, and gelato cakes from their open-plan kitchen, where you can watch all the gelato-making magic happen and sample a few tasters before you make your final selection. It’s run by ice-cream connoisseurs from Bologna, known as Italy’s gelato homeland, and once you’ve tasted it, plain old ice-cream will just never do again.

Another venue that calls this historic area home is The London Club, nestled within the 100-year old London Woolstore Building. Here, our group sat and relaxed on the deck and enjoyed a beverage menu that included a comprehensive range of fine Australian wines, Australian crafted beers, French champagne, Australian sparkling and jugs of cocktails. It doesn’t take long for a party atmosphere to envelop the deck.

Our last stop was The Twig and Berry, a truly hidden gem of Newstead where you descend a few stairs and suddenly find yourself in a funky little world of unique cocktails, mulled wine, giant Janga and an entire roof made from recycled doors.

If you’re looking to discover new parts of Brisbane, then start off with Newstead and let your tastebuds be your guide.

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