Brisbane has its fair share of fusion restaurants, most of which blend Asian and European flavours. There is however an alternative fusion offering that packs a bit of heat.

IndiMex in Greenslopes serves up a mix of Indian and Mexican dishes, and specialises in particularly tasty sauces.

For anyone concerned about too much chilli being wielded about, IndiMex concentrates more on aromatic flavours with a number of milder menu options available as well as spicy favourites.

We sampled the menu, starting with a serve of the Madras garlic chilli prawns. These prawns were a bit on the spicy side, but the prawns themselves were fresh and cooked perfectly with a slightly firm texture.

Also from the appetiser menu were the chimosas which was Indian-Mexican fusion cooking at its best, combining an Indian samosa filling inside fried Mexican tortilla wraps. The tortillas were freshly made and came out nicely crisp on the outside but were still soft on the inside. The vegetable samosa filling was mixed through with a range of light spices and curry powder, making these little parcels incredibly moreish.

For mains we tried a steak fajita, which came to our table still sizzling in its pan. This dish was made from striploin steak, capsicum and salsa with a side of tortilla, sour cream, guacamole and black lentils. The steak was lightly marinated in an array of spices, which was complimented by the sweet charred capsicum.

The next dish to our table was the Barramundi Veracruzana, which was another show-stopper dish. This was a whole baby Barramundi, marinated in spices before being grilled then served with a tomato, olive, and caper salsa with steamed rice, chutney and poppadums.

The barramundi dish was incredibly tasty, with a mildly spicy tomato based sauce covering the freshly caught fish. The poppadums had whole curry seeds in them, adding an uplifting flavour to what is otherwise a bit of a bland wafer.

Other main options included Moreton Bay bugs in a creole sauce, and grilled lamb cutlets in a garlic mint and pepper sauce.

For dessert we opted for IndiMex’s gulab jamon, which is a traditional Indian dessert. These little fried cake-like balls were soaked in rosewater syrup, making them soft and delicately flavoured.

IndiMex can be found at Stones Corner Village on Logan road in Greenslopes. The restaurant is open seven days for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Disclaimer: The author dined as a guest of Indimex.