Australia may still be a part of the Commonwealth, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t learned the value of independence. And independence is a cold amber liquid enjoyed with friends at the local.

To celebrate our independence, the good people at the Beer InCider Experience welcome all to attend and celebrate their freedom of choice with one of Brisbane’s largest choices of craft beer and cider.

With 30 independent brewers and brewery representatives attending the event, festival-goers will be able to discuss what makes a good brew, ask for tips and advice, or contemplate the deep dark complexities of life: like whether the next drink should be beer or cider.

Beer InCider Experience Festival Director Martin Keetels is the liberator of our dreams, and has worked dutifully to bring a hand picked line-up of independent breweries to Brisbane.

“We are the only festival in Australia that solely features independent breweries,” he says.

“This is our identity; we’re an independent, local event that support like-minded business, and our focus is on local, independent craft brewers.”

The complete brewer’s lineup includes:

All Inn Brewing Co
Akasha Brewing Company
The Apple Thief
Australian Brewery
Bacchus Brewing Co
Batlow Cider
Brisbane Brewing Co
Cavalier Brewing
Croft Brewing Company
Ekim Brewing Co
Exit Brewing Co
Flying Brick Cider Co
Fortitude Brewing Company
Four Hearts Brewing Company
Green Beacon Brewing
Golden Axe Cider
The Hills Cider Company
Holgate Brewhouse
Killer Sprocket
Monteith’s Brewing
Mountain Goat
Newstead Brewing Co
Prancing Pony Brewery
Riverside Brewing Company
Rocks Brewing Co
Six String Brewing
Stone & Wood Brewing
Willie Smiths Organic Cider
Young Henrys
4 Pines Brewing

The event will also feature live entertainment from alt. rock darlings British India and Queensland favourites British India, as well as Melbourne’s Skipping Girl Vinegar and Sydney’s All Our Exes Live In Texas.

The Beer InCider Experience will be held at Albion Park Raceway on Saturday 18 September and Sunday 19 September; for more info, visit