While degustation meals are a great way to sample a bit of everything on the menu, being served up plate after plate of food can feel a bit overwhelming.

Rooftop restaurant Bacchus has responded to this food overload, by not only serving up a range of dishes, but also a range of tasting menus. Bacchus gives the choice of a full seven course degustation, a four course petit degustation or a three-course chef’s selection.

Catering to all tastes, there is also a vegetarian degustation, a vegan degustation and even a dessert degustation for anyone with a keen sweet tooth.

Bacchus has recently added some new dishes into these various dinner menus, starting with clearwater pan roasted scallops with wild rice, Jerusalem artichoke and Western Australian octopus.

This dairy free and gluten free dish is light and tasty. The scallops were only just seared, allowing them to keep their slightly sweet taste intact. The octopus was also fresh and perfectly cooked.

Another recent addition to the menu is the poached king prawns with a Moreton Bay bug kimchi slaw, potato salad, and avocado puree.

This was a highlight dish with fantastic quality prawns again only just cooked to preserve their sweet taste. The Moreton Bay bug and kimchi slaw which the prawns were served on was fresh and only slightly tangy to not overwhelm the delicate taste of the prawns.

A third new item to feature across a range of menus is the squab pigeon, served with celeriac, chestnut mushrooms, madeira and muscatelle sauce.

This plate of pigeon will benefit the slightly more adventurous eater, with the pigeon breast cooked just until it had turned pink inside, while the outside skin was beautifully crisp.

This dish came with confit pigeon leg meat with coriander which is wrapped in a Moroccan brick pastry and topped with cinnamon and icing sugar. This little parcel had a great blend of sweet and savoury flavours throughout.

The dessert menu has also undergone a bit of a revamp with the addition of a pineapple upside down cake, served with a coconut water sorbet.

The crispy slivers of pineapple added a nice crunchy texture to this dish, while the refreshing coconut water sorbet was a taste of the tropics. This dessert is dairy free and gluten free catering to an array of dietary requirements.

Bacchus can be found on the corner of Grey and Glenelg Streets in Southbank and is open for dinner from Tuesday to Saturday nights.

Disclaimer: The author dined as a guest of Bacchus.