85 Miskin St has long been a favourite among locals in the suburb of Toowong, and now the restaurant is celebrating its 10 year anniversary with a special July menu.

Owner and head chef Brent Farrell has chosen six of his favourite dishes, which are being served up in an affordable degustation that will set you back $60, or $95 with matching wines.

We ate our way through the menu built on dishes that stand the test of time, starting with a delicate wild mushroom cappuccino with prosciutto crumbs and truffle oil. This tasty offering was served in a small latte glass, complete with foam to make it look exactly like a miniature mushroom coffee.

Next on the menu was a sautéed seafood and creamy bisque, served with a crusty loaf, shellfish oil and a sauce rouille. Both the seafood lovers and non-seafood lovers at the table delighted in this dish which was incredibly rich and flavoursome. The garlicy sauce rouille on the fresh bread was a perfect accompaniment.

We then had a small palate cleanser of a very refreshing garden lemon myrtle sorbet with watermelon and lime. The touch of tart citrus was a really nice contrast against the sweet sorbet and fresh watermelon.

The next dish that was served up was a crispy confit of duck, with butternut pumpkin, liquorice and eureka lemon. This dish was my pick of the night, making use of a whole duck which has been confit and then pressed back into the skin. The crispy shard of liquorice was an interesting and aromatic addition to the dish, and the lemon puree added a lovely zing to the rich duck.

Our final main was braised beef cheek, with truffle potatoes, crispy prosciutto and asparagus. The beef just fell apart when prodded by a fork and melted in your mouth beautifully. The addition of truffle in the creamy potatoes gave it a rich, earthy dimension which was extremely tasty.

For dessert, we were served a black forest floor which was a small chocolate woodland served on a piece of black slate. Chocolate canolli with a cherry chocolate mousse was shaped and textured into a log in the middle of the plate and surrounded by pistachio moss and cherries. Two cherry marshmallow “mushrooms” also featured in the nature scene, using chocolate mud cake as stalks.

This special July six course degustation is available for both lunch and dinner. 85 Miskin St can be found at 85 Miskin Street, Toowong and is open from Tuesday to Sunday.

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