A new craft beer from Ipswich called ‘Wabbit Saison’ is causing a stir around the world.

Carrot beer is the flavour of the month, but unlike nibbling on the vegetable, it’s unlikely to help you see in the dark.

The new beer, called Wabbit Saison, contains 16 per cent carrot juice and is bright orange in colour.

Wabbit Saison (pronounced SAYS-ON) was created by Ipswich local and owner of Four Hearts Brewing Pumpyard Bar and Brewery, Wade Curtis.

He came up with the idea after visiting Kalfresh Carrot Farm on an open day.

“We originally brewed the beer for a festival in Sydney, that encourages you to do something different,” he says. “We wanted to include as much local produce as we could and wondered if the carrots would work.”

“From our research, no one had ever done it before, so we thought ‘lets give it a go’.”

Wade says it took three months of testing to get it right, so it wouldn’t lose any flavour or its colour.

“We added 200 litres of fresh carrot juice to a Belgian beer base,” he said. “It still tastes like beer though, but’s its more earthy and spicy.”

“The yeast (in the beer) converts the sugar (in the carrots) into alcohol, so it doesn’t taste like juice, more like a cider but less wine-y. It has a dry, clean flavour.”

Wade says the veggie beer is the perfect accompaniment to cheeses, as it cuts through the creaminess.

Wabbit Saison has taken off, with sites around the world picking up the story and running with it. Wade says he never imagined it would be this popular.

“We’ve only got 8 to 10 kegs left, we may have to do a second batch,” he laughs. “Maybe I can retire off carrot beer!”

Located on Limestone Street in Ipswich, Four Hearts Brewing Pumpyard Bar and Brewery is also home to some other unusual flavour combinations like coffee pale ale, Wabbit Saison ice cream and the calzonut.

“Because we are a small brewery and bar we can afford to experiment a little bit,” Wade says. “We only do small batches so if it doesn’t work we can just chuck it out.”

“I think we’ll do pumpkin ale next.”

Wabbit Saison is available at selected bars throughout Brisbane and Four Hearts Brewing Pumpyard Bar and Brewery.

For more info visit www.4heartsbrewing.com.au