Deery’s Restaurant and Smokehouse isn’t new, isn’t flashy and isn’t reinventing the wheel — but what they are doing is providing exceptional quality, rustic flavours and genuinely good service.

Known around these parts by steak lovers, Deery’s isn’t short on loyal meat eaters. But what many people don’t realise is how beautifully balanced their menu is. There is, without a doubt, something to appeal to any person and every palate.

With many large establishments catering to various sections of the market, The Story Bridge Hotel is no different — with punters able to choose from Deery’s, The Shelter Bar, The Outback Bar & Grill and the Main St Bar & Eatery.

Each serves a purpose but the leader of the pack in terms of flavour and fine dining is Deery’s. Plus the venue is perfect for the cooler weather, and with the launching of their new winter menu, this is a restaurant that should start to feature much higher on diner’s go-to lists.

The interiors are reminiscent of a lodge, with dark wooden flooring, a high peaked open ceiling with exposed beams and low level ambient lighting. During the day, the restaurant appears to be frequented mostly by male diners, eating in groups, enjoying the extensive steak selection. Which makes one wonder if the ladies are simply not aware that the menu features delicious starter options such as tiger prawns, spanner crab crostini and duck rillette croquettes or mains including pan roasted market fresh fish, saffron linguini and house-smoked free-range chicken.

It almost goes without saying that all these are in addition to the star of the menu, the steak, with approximately eight different cuts and sizes available at any given time.

Even the side dishes are stepping up their game and you can now choose from delights such as beans and broccoli with smoked almond butter and lemon or spiced roasted carrots and sweet potato with roasted garlic and tahini. Or simpler dishes like the organic Dutch cream mash, crisp onion rings or a baby cos salad.

If you have managed to leave enough room for dessert, there are comforting traditional options like apple crumble, tiramisu and a decadent chocolate brownie mixed back with some surprising new creations.

With attentive wait staff, a passionate floor manager and a talented head chef, Deery’s is a solid all-rounder and can be counted on to sate and satisfy your steak, seafood and sweet cravings every time.

Deery’s Restaurant and Smokehouse is located at 200 Main St, Kangaroo Point.

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