Recently-opened cafe King Arthur in Fortitude Valley is royally good — offering fresh flavours, perfectly poured coffee and a stylish vibe.

The latest venture from the team behind Merriweather cafe, King Arthur delivers above and beyond and is rapidly gathering loyal foodie fans from all over town.

The talented trio of Josh Russell, Mairi Mackinnon and Jarrod Huey have created something special here. The killer combination of the stylish and restrained interiors, delicious and locally-sourced dishes and a team of devoted staff is creating waves in the cafe scene.

With an welcoming view into the kitchen from the entrance, and adorably tiny stools scattered outside for your cup of coffee in the mild morning sunshine, the cafe is instantly likeable. Once inside, you are greeted with smiles and hellos, and you can choose to sit at one of the small tables running the length of the wall or head upstairs to the large open area that holds variously sized tables, depending on your numbers.

The walls are painted a gunmetal grey, the ceilings white, with wooden accents and a beautifully-tiled counter top, King Arthur is aesthetically very pleasing and also smells quite intoxicating. Mixed in with the requisite smell of coffee are the delicate aromas of freshly-baked pasties, hanging bunches of dried herbs and some kind of sweet spiciness (probably the green chilli chutney that appears on some dishes).

The menu is printed on thick card, with the logo embossed in gold, adding a feeling of luxe to the cafe. What is available on the menu is a balanced and beautifully-curated selection of flavours and combinations, which makes it difficult to narrow down your choice to a single dish.

Head chef Andrew Tolley has had fun with the menu, sweeping subtle flavours into a heady mix of palatable magic. With a focus on local and sustainable produce (a decision that is genuinely implemented), if you decide to eat here, you can feel confident that your meal is packed full of home-grown ingredients.

The cafe is open seven days a week for both breakfast and lunch and offers a menu that requires some mulling time. Look out for such breakfast delights as the quinoa & chai porridge with cocoa nib gingerbread and fresh figs, the Mt Cotton mushrooms with a pan frittata and sorrel, green chilli and cherve or the sourdough crumpets with rhubarb & honeycomb crumble. For something a little more lunch-focused and available after 11am, choose from the roasted duck with fig, blue cheese and homemade flatbread or the tarragon gnocchi with preserved lemon, jerusalem artichoke and sorrel.

On the counter top as you wander in are pastries and breads, delivered from Sprout Artisan Bakery daily and if you’re after something to go — peruse the cabinet for sandwiches and salads made fresh each morning.

King Arthur Cafe is located at 164C Arthur Street, Fortitude Valley and is open seven days a week.

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