A heady mix of exceptional bartending prowess, coupled with authentic and outrageously good Creole dishes, make Papa Jack’s an easy choice for a night out.

The dimly-lit interiors and old-world decor instantly transport you into another world, until the tantalising smells from the kitchen snap you back into the present.

The venue has been open for some time now but have decided to shake things up a little Creole-style by bringing in chef Jason Norris (previously at Watt Restaurant and Bar). After introducing new winter selections and utilising the award-winning skills of their bartenders, the restaurant is out to attract a whole new crowd to join their regulars. Now integrating New Southern and American Trail food, along with the Creole-style dishes, Papa Jack’s is mixing up the menu offerings.

Papa Jack’s seems like a place where anything might happen. It’s a place that feels like you’re on the set of a movie, with an eclectic mix of customers drinking and dining and the low hum of cool tunes in the background. Some nights there is live music and the space fills up with energy and a laid-back enthusiasm. Other nights it’s chilled out and calm, the focus solely on the food.

With a variety of starters and more sizeable offeringsm this is menu designed to be shared. How else can you sample all the surprising flavours and interesting combinations? Even if you’re not familiar with Creole dishes, you can be assured that they will always leave you feeling satisfied and sated.

Not necessarily the first dinner choice for the leafy green lovers as the menu focused primarily on meat-based dishes, Papa Jack’s is a carnivore’s dream. In saying that, there are multiple sides and accompaniments that pack a nutrient punch. There are daily specials which will appeal to some and some more sizeable plates that are piled high with so much food that it’s almost unbelievable to believe that it will all be eaten. Regardless, make sure you sample dishes like the chicken and waffles, the smoked wagyu brisket or the sweet potato donuts.

The allure of the bar beckons before, after and between courses and you’ll be hard-pressed to choose without some guidance. Anything is possible if you place your trust in these bartenders and cocktail creators, simply state some keywords and they will concoct something magical. Once you’re sorted with a beverage in hand, settle back into your seat and enjoy your night.

Papa Jack’s is on the corner of McLachlan and Connor Street in Fortitude Valley. Make sure you click through the gallery to see all the photos!

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