A new self-serve bar is set to take Brisbane by storm when it opens in July.

Taps will open its doors on 3 July in Fortitude Valley, offering Brisbane punters a unique, fun and social way to drink beer.

The Valley bar is Taps’ second venue, following the success of its flagship bar at Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast.

Unlike any other, the bar features self-serve beer taps on the walls and tables.

The idea is that customers pre-pay for their beer, and are given a button to use. The button (which you can use at any time) hooks up to the beer taps, recognises your details and allows you to pour yourself a drink. It’s a bit like the GO card system.

Managing Director and Founder Steve Barber says he came up with the idea after a trip to Germany.

“In 2008 I went to Germany for Oktoberfest with some mates, they had these drinking races there and you could pour your own drinks,” he says.

“When we left, we just couldn’t stop thinking about it and the idea developed from there.”

Steve says there has been a big push for a Taps bar here in Brisbane.

“We’ve been asked so many times by people, ‘When are you coming to Brisbane?’ We think it will go nuts here. Taps brings a different atmosphere — it’s not just a bar, it’s a place you can make friends.”

Steve says Taps also offers music and board games like Giant Jenga.

“No one wants to just sit around drinking anymore, they want to be occupied and have fun,” he says.

He also says the bar has measures in place so customers can’t go overboard on the alcohol. Let’s face it; there is always that one idiot that ruins it for the rest.

“We have electronic controls hooked up to all the taps, so we can keep track of how much people are drinking,” he explains.

“We also have the power to turn the taps off.”

Taps Bar is located at 13/14 315 Brunswick Street in Fortitude Valley and opens on Friday 3 July.