You’ve heard of the ‘cronut’ (croissant-doughnut) and the ‘duffin’ (doughnut-muffin), but now there is another incredible food invention set to take the world storm — the ‘Dausage’.

What is the dausage, you ask?

The dausage is the world first doughnut-sausage, consisting of a pork or cumberland snag with raspberry or strawberry jam in the centre.

The dausage was invented by Liam Bennett, 37 of South Wales who has started his own Kickstarter page to raise money for it’s production.

“Everyone who has tried it has loved it,” Liam wrote on his Kickstarter page.

Liam has already raised almost $2000 for the dausage, and hopes to one day more towards a larger-scale production of it.

“All our efforts so far have been hand-crafted small batches. We are now moving towards larger-scale production. With the money we raise from this, we are planning to adapt a sausage making machine to inject the jelly/jam during the sausage formation. Once we achieve this, we will be able to make larger batches and actually start approaching stores with a product to sell,” he wrote on his page.

Apparently, the sweet-and-salty sausage has attracted some famous fans, including one of the world’s biggest porn stars, Mia Khalifa, and modelling queen Tyra Banks.

Liam has a number of other flavours in production: pork and beef with custard, venison with strawberry custard and a veggie dausage filled with cheese spread.

Would you try the Dausage, or are you a little freaked out right now? Let us know in the comments below.