Head to Nundah’s The Lounge and sample some delicious Negronis for charity.

 “Drink for a cause, make it count.”

That is the theme for this year’s international Negroni Week, and Nundah’s The Lounge will be raising money for charity through its participation for the first time from 1 June to 7 June.

Negroni Week launched in 2013 as a celebration of one of the world’s great cocktails and an effort to raise money for charitable causes around the world, and has since become an internationally recognised event with over 1,000 bars and restaurants in 18 countries participating last year which raised more than $120,000 for various charities worldwide.

The Negroni is a well-balanced cocktail of gin, vermouth and Campari, believed to be created in the early 1900s by Count Camillo Negroni after he requested gin instead of soda in the then-popular Americano.

The team at The Lounge has prepared an exceptional Negroni-inspired menu, including six Negroni cocktails and delicious food such as a Carnivora pizza drizzled with a Negroni reduction.

In order to curate such a unique menu the bartenders undertook training from Campari Australia, where they learnt the history of the Negroni and experimented with flavours, which led to the development of cocktails such as the Espresso Martini Negroni, Prosecco Mojito Negroni and the Negroni Barrel, which offers guests the opportunity to experience an “aged Negroni”.

During Negroni Week, a portion of the proceeds from every Negroni and Negroni-related item will be donated to The Lounge’s chosen charity, the PA Research Foundation’s Mandate, which raises awareness and funds research into men’s health.

The Lounge’s goal is to become the top fundraising establishment, in which case the PA Research Foundation’s Mandate, will receive a further $10,000 from Campari Australia.

As well as the exceptional menu, The Lounge will also be giving guests the opportunity to win a Negroni Masterclass hosted by Campari Australia at The Lounge, just for sharing their Negroni Week experiences on social media.

The Lounge Manager Cesar Brenot believes the success of this charitable event is in the menu the team at The Lounge created.

“We strived to create a broad enough cocktail menu to appeal to both men and women with fruity feminine options and strong masculine options, that will also pair beautifully with our Negroni-infused food menu,” said Mr Brenot.

“We are proud to be part of this international event and our goal is to create an unforgettable experience for our patrons, mixed with the socially driven nature of wanting to give back.”

It is not often you can lounge about drinking cocktails in order to donate money to a great cause, so grab the men in your life for a “mandate” at The Lounge.

For more information visit www.negroniweek.com and The Lounge Facebook page.

The Lounge trades 7 days a week from 4pm until late.